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The Steelers are still trying to figure that out. Mason Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins Jr. will be free agents in 2022, and Roethlisberger's return gives them fewer opportunities to be evaluated in game situations. With any luck, the NFL will reinstitute some form of preseason games, giving the younger quarterbacks some game time, but it will still be a very small sample size.Washington Football Team for Face Masks

Recent years, including the mammoth Centennial class of 2020, has seen the line blurred to some. The bar, potentially lowered.

The 2021 NFL Draft sets up really well for the Las Vegas Raiders in the first round. There will be an absence of pass-rushers, linebackers and cornerbacks available to them at No. 17 and all are worthy of that selection. It will be up to Mike Mayock and company how to weigh risk vs. safety in this class.

With the news dropping on Thursday morning that the Philadelphia Eagles had traded quarterback Carson Wentz to the Colts, many fans out there might be expecting Jalen Hurts to be the clear starter moving forward for the NFC East team. However, let’s hold the phone on those discussions.Minnesota Vikings for Face Masks

New England has plenty of cap space too (more than $60 million) and a similar need at quarterback. As our Patriots Insider Phil Perry wrote recently, however, Wentz never seemed like a good match in Foxboro, especially amid reports of his coachability issues.


I feel like a broken record saying this, but the time is now for the Chargers to revamp the offensive line in the offseason.Baltimore Ravens for Face Masks

Coolest Nfl Face Masks

But he didn’t play well enough to avoid being named the most disappointing starter in the NFL at cornerback by Football Outsiders this offseason: Jones was named to the annual “All-Keep Choppin’ Wood” team.Detroit Lions for Face Masks

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